Summer fun on the lakes in Switzerland

Summer fun on the lakes in Switzerland

The lakes in Switzerland offer lots of Summer activities from swimming, paddle boarding, sailing and wakeboarding. There is no current to speak of and no speed limit on the lake, so anything you try is very straight forward, relaxing and sociable. You can hire or charter boats and we booked an afternoon of fun on the lake with Watersports Montreux (WSM).

The lake is full of fresh water and in Summer the temperature of the water is normally above 20 degrees. During this first week of August the water temperature is averaging 22 degrees so lovely and warm.

We took some friends out and after some basic instruction on wakeboarding, we were all enjoying being towed around the lake and acquiring new skills quickly. With varying levels of success, we then tried wakeboard surfing. A slimmer board more akin to a short surfboard took a bit of adjustment from the more stable wakeboard with boots, but a few falls and a lot of perseverance later, we had some great wakeboard surfers in our party. After all the concentration, we then took a smaller speedboat out to tow a banana. It was all or nothing with some amazing group wipeouts on the bends, and bodies flying through the air into the water.

As the sun started to go down, we hopped on the Malibu speedboat and took a cruise around Queen Elizabeth’s island in Villeneuve, Chateau Chillon and the Freddie Mercury statue. I’ll cover these topics in further blogs so keep checking in for updates.

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