1st August – Swiss National Day

Swiss National Day is celebrated on August 1st and commemorates the date in 1291 when the 3 cantons of Schwyz, Uri and Unterwald joined together as the Swiss Confederacy. You will see the Swiss flag everywhere, flying outside homes and businesses and on bunting through the streets, as well as decorating the federal buildings and specialty foods such as the Auguestweggli bread buns.

As with all Swiss events, there is plenty of street food and local wine consumed. Cervalet is the national sausage often barbecued, and there are many cheese dishes like Croute which is local bread baked with raclette cheese or vacherin cheese, sometimes topped with an egg or ham. There are also cheese raclettes, which are small potatoes topped with raclette melted cheese and cheese fondues, traditionally prepared using kirsch along with a blend of 2 or 3 local cheeses.

Local marching bands play music through the streets and traditional Swiss horns can be heard in the mountains. The day ends with big firework displays organised by each canton and bonfires in more rural areas.

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