St Bernard Dogs

St Bernard Dogs

The Barry Foundation in Martigny has welcomed a litter of 5 St Bernard puppies just in time for Christmas. The Foundation has been overseeing the largest and oldest breeding programme of the famous St Bernard dogs since its creation in 2005, with about 20 puppies born each year at the kennel.

The famous Swiss National dog from the Hospice de Grand St Bernard Alpine Pass is legendary. Large and good natured, the dogs have been bred on the mountains by the Augustine monks, firstly to help carry supplies through the thick snow but later to save the lives of lost mountaineers.

The most renowned of these St Bernard’s was a dog named Barry who supposedly saved the lives of over 40 people. The hospice works with the “Foundation Barry” in Martigny where you can learn more about the dogs and their breeding programme. You can also visit the new puppies there from the end of January.

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