Combat des Reines – The Fight of the Queens

Combat des Reines

At this time of year in the Valais, the mountains are full of the sound of cowbells and the most popular type are the Herens.

In the middle of Spring, you see cows, newly released from Winter stables, yearning for a tussle. They push and shove each other and lock horns trying to establish who is the strongest of the herd. ‘La Reine des Reines’ or ‘the Queen of Queens’ is a traditional annual event dating back to the 1920’s that sees farmers enter the strongest cows of their herd into the competition with the hope of winning the strongest cow title and a beautiful cowbell.

Verbier hosted the ‘Combat des Reines’ on Saturday on the mountain above the village. In the whole of the Valais, cow fights take place over the next few weeks and the six strongest cows from every region meet for the final in the town of Apros(VS). The winner of the final is crowned ‘La Reine des Reines’ or the Queen of Queens. Even if you are not entering the competition, these heats and the final are a great opportunity for the farming community to come together with wine, plenty of food and a good atmosphere.

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