Barbecue on the mountain

Mountain barbecue

Verbier has plenty of restaurants and cafés to enjoy, but sometimes a ‘cook-out’ on the mountain with a group of friends is a lot of fun too.

For a small fee, you can rent Le Hatay Shelter from Verbier tourism which is equipped with tables and benches, 4 barbecues  a cold water fountain and parking spaces. This shelter can accommodate up to 80 people so is ideal for family & friend trips and the forest around the shelter can be a welcome source of shade on Summer days as well as an adventure playground for kids. You can also rent Le Goly shelter with similar facilities for up to 50 people in the Bruson area of Verbier, or Couvert de Charancon in Le Chable for up to 100 people.

We organised our annual mountain barbecue and invited some friends to come and enjoy some food on the mountain on a warm Summers evening near Le Hatay shelter. Everyone was in high spirits, eating outdoors in such a beautiful location and spending time together in the middle of Summer in the fresh mountain air. We used a designated picnic area which we have used before and made sure to clear the area at the end and leave no sign of us on the mountain.

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