Hiking in Les Paccots

Hiking in Les Paccots

The Châtel St-Denis Les Paccots area is in the region of the Veveyse and has 150km of marked trails for all levels which range from very easy to challenging. The paths and summits are surrounded by beautiful nature and welcome hikers and trail runners through the Summer months where the only other people on the mountains are the farmers and their cattle. Each year there is the ‘Trail des Paccots’ race offering 17, 27 and 42km routes.

The highest mountains in this region are the Dent de Lys at 2,014m, the Teysachaux at 1,909m, the Niremont at 1,514m and Corbetta at 1,401m.
Living in Switzerland, there are always plenty of outdoor groups to join and my hiking group of 10 years often meet at Châtel St-Denis for hiking or snowshoeing due to its proximity to the autoroute and Lausanne. This hike was more challenging, covering 7.77km with a lot of climbing from the beginning but a very typical Swiss mountain restaurant to enjoy at the end.

Le Rosalys Hotel & Restaurant is very popular and offers traditional dishes including croutes,  barbecued meats, raclette and meringue with gruyere cream.

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