October 2021

Aubonne Arboretum

Autumn in the Arboretum, Aubonne

An arboretum is a site dedicated to the conservation, presentation and observation of woody forest, ornamental and fruit trees. Unique in Switzerland, the Arboretum in the valley of Aubonne is a vast park of over 200 ha of forests and meadows. Numerous signposted pathways lead you through a majestic universe of more than 3,000 species and varieties of trees and shrubs. The Arboretum includes...

Villa 'Le Lac'

Villa ‘Le Lac’ Le Corbusier

"A house is a machine for living in" Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, known as Le Corbusier was a Swiss French architect, painter, urban planner and pioneer of what is now known as modern architecture. In 1923 Corbusier designed a modest 64 meter lakeside house for his parents, with a single bay window overlooking Lac Leman near Vevey in Switzerland. He incorporated ergonomics and functional analysis...

The alphorn - a National Symbol of Switzerland

The alphorn – a National Symbol of Switzerland

The Alphorn is a national symbol of Switzerland. It is a traditional wind instrument that was first documented in the mid 16th century and has been used by Alpine farmers for hundreds of years. During the 18th century it was regarded as a beggars horn as impoverished shepherds played the horn in the cities but over time and with a folk culture revival, horn playing grew in esteem. Today there is...

Mauvoisin Dam

Mauvoisin Dam

The Mauvoisin Dam is a 250m high concrete dam making it the largest arch dam in Europe. Built between 1951 and 1958 the dam overlooks the Val de Bagnes in Switzerland and generates 1,000 GWh of electricity a year. It is possible to hike or bike this high mountain route which takes you through a series of tunnels with breathtaking views of the lake, waterfalls, mountains and valleys.   The hike...

Lac Souterrain St Léonard, Switzerland

Lac Souterrain St Léonard

The largest underground lake in Europe is in the heart of the canton of Valais here in Switzerland. Just a 5 minute drive from the autoroute, you can discover the most fascinating site which was explored for the first time in 1943. Located along the Rhone Valley the lake is around 300 meters long and can be explored by taking a boat trip across its crystal clear waters. Nestled in the middle of the...

Art Basel

Art Basel September 2021

Art Basel connects leading art patrons and art galleries of the world at the international art fair staged annually in Basel, Switzerland. Since its inaugural year in 1970, Art Basel has continually attracted thousands of visitors and galleries and the representative art has become increasingly international. As a result of its success, Art Basel Miami Beach debuted in the USA in 2002 and eleven years...

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