July 2021

Hike to Pierre Avoi above Verbier

One of the most iconic peaks in central Valais, the Pierre Avoi reaches a height of 2,473 meters. Accessed by foot, you can take the Savoleyres ski lift to get a head start on the hike or walk from Verbier following the signs to Pierre Avoi up through the larch forests and steep pastures. The last section of the climb involves some scrambling over rocks, and the last few meters to the peak are climbed...

Alpine Marmots

You don’t walk far in the mountains around Verbier at this time of year without hearing the distant call of Alpine Marmots. Living at heights of between 800 and 3,200 meters, marmots live in the Alpine meadows and sub-alpine grasslands, burrowing into the land up to 3m underground and in burrows of up to 20m long. The moment they sense danger they quickly disappear into their burrows for safety. Marmots...

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